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Papaya is very delicious fruit. Its tree is long, thin and soft. Its tree has no branches. Its fruit is called papaya. Raw papaya is green and ripe papaya is yellow. Black seeds are found in internal parts of papaya and a ropy liquid is found on these seeds.  Its tree is found in many state of India and it is grown in any season. Green vegetables and pickle is also made by raw papaya.  The sauce and kachumar is made by ripe papaya.  

Taking papaya daily eliminates constipation and enhances digestive power. It also eliminates stomach gas. The pepsin enzyme, which is a digestive juice, is found in papaya in good quantity. It is not only proteindigestive element but also helps easy bowls movement, and cleans the bowls.  

Papaya is easily digestible fruit. It enhances appetite, and strengthens the body. It cures the diseases of liver and spleen, and jaundice. Taking papaya removes the stomach disorder, and improves the digestive power. Taking papaya juice or its milk cures anorexia, insomnia (sleeplessness), headache, indigestion and acidity. Taking papaya juice stops sour belching and cures stomach disease and heart disease, and removes intestine weakness.

Raw papaya should not be taken in pregnancy. The women who have been suffering form menstruation should not take papaya. Raw papaya is harmful for the patient of syphilis, piles and spermatorrhoea. Abortion can be by taking papaya seeds.


  • Papaya is rich in vitamin C and thus helps to boost your immune system, protecting you from various infections and sicknesses.
  • It is a low-calorie fruit packed with fibers. So if you are on a diet, adding papaya to your diet plan can help in weight loss as well keep you full and avoid cravings.
  • Papayas are an excellent fruit for diabetic patients as they are low in sugar content and also have a lower glycemic index. Eating papaya regularly can help to prevent diabetes.
  • Papayas are rich in vitamin A and C which helps to control cholestrol build up and blocking the arteries. Thus reduces the risk of heart attacks.
  • Papayas are rich in fiber and combined with the enzyme papain, it helps to improve digestion.
  • The fruit contains vitamin A which is good for eyes and vision. It also contains an enzyme called zeaxanthin which help to filter out rays that harm the retina.
  • The seeds of papaya have antimicrobial properties and and applying powdered seeds to wounds can help in faster healing.
  • Arthritis patients can consume papaya as it has anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce the pain in the joints.
  • To treat throat disorders like tonsils, take the juice of green papaya and mix with honey and consume. It helps to arrest the spreading of infection.
  • Green papaya juice is also a natural remedy to prevent swelling and pus formation in wounds.
  • Papaya seeds have chemotherapeutic effects and can reduce the risk of cancer by preventing the spreading of cancerous cells.

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