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Our Doctors

At AARC Health, we take pride in our team of skilled and dedicated Ayurvedic doctors who are driven by a passion to bring healing and well-being to thousands of patients. Their commitment and dedication towards Ayurveda have helped us become one of the India's leading Ayurvedic treatment companies.

  • Dr. Alka Sharma


    Dr. Alka sharma is experienced Naturotherapists , Clinical Psychologist. Total cure of all disease with naturopathy, yoga and meditation and herbal . It’s for everyone, either sick or healthy. 

  • Dr V.B. Maheshwari


    Dr.  V.B. Maheshwari is an Ayurveda, Psychoneurologist Sexologist, Dermatologist in Najibabad (Bijnor) member of AARC since 2012, has an experience of  in these fields.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    Dr Gaurav Sharma


    Dr. Gaurav sharma is an Ayurveda, Gastroenterologist  in Sharanpur. member of AARC since 2012, has an experience of  in these fields. 

  • Dr Akshay Kumar


    Dr. Akshay kumar one of the most traveled ayurvedic physician.He is graduate and master in ayurveda and master in herbal and alternative medicine and B.C.Ap.S in human nutrition.


We have accumulated lots of awesome comments from our happy patients over the years. To really get a feel about what can be done with Ayurveda, read these testimonials from happy clients of The Ayurveda Practice.

  • Abhishek

    I have been suffering with digestive issues for over 20 years; for the first time I now feel completely supported, holistically as well as emotionally.”

  • Sonali

    “I have had fatty liver for 5 years and had Ayurvedic treatment for the last 3 months. My recent exam results show I am now all clear and back to normal. Thank you so much for all your help!”

  • Yashpati

    suffering from skin disease.after leech therpy by aarc health getting better result

  • Saima Khan

    I had been to many Ayurveda clinics in and outside Meerut. Aarch is unique because of its heigne, homely nutrious food and wonderful

  • Shivangi Goyal
    I Was Unable To Stand Without Some Ones Support And Taking Each Step While Walking Was A Big Task With Tears In My Eyes Because Of The Severe Pain.
  • Rajeev Sharma
    Aarch clinic is a good example for classical Ayurveda treatments. They are maintaining good hygiene in clinic and in treatment rooms.

If you would like further information about how we can help you. it would be great to hear from you.